*From The Office Of The Director Of Socials And Welfare

It was a red carpet day as the Director of socials and welfare presented a new 32 inches LG plasma TV to the students in Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, Nnewi which was honourably received by the president of the Medical Students’ Association(NAUMSA), Comrade Nwaneki Chisom.

   It is printable to note that before Giant Comrade Justice Opia assumed the office, the TV in NAUTH was stolen by some miscreants and since then, the students have been worried on how to replace it. But since the assumption of office by the charismatic Giant Comrades; Hillary Okeke and Justice Opia…a lot of works have been put in place in getting a TV, Fan and burglary proof for the medical students in NAUTH. And a tighter security in order to prevent repented cases of theft.

 And on this day(15th of March, 2017), the NAUMSA president received this great surprise (LG plasma TV) from the school’s SAG with a great joy.

 Adding to that, Giant Comrade Justice Opia equally subscribed the Dstv channels in NAUTH and Okofia(C.C hostel inclusive) for four months…it’s a history made in the school’s book of record.

 The SAG director of socials and welfare also promised that the students will enjoy the dividends of this government as never before. And he also urged them to support the government in any way they could.



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