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cristiano ronaldo awkward joke on neymar that kept everybody mute

cristiano ronaldo

Every club has handled their new year’s celebrations differently, but
most sides across mainland Europe have been taking some well earned
time off.
With no football being played over the festive period, the majority
of the Spanish press are going out of their minds when looking for
potential stories.
And it seems that they have managed to dig one up at Real Madrid’s New Year’s party.

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The club held a joint bash with the football team and basketball team
on Friday to celebrate the end of 2016, and footage of the event has
emerged online showing Cristiano Ronaldo sitting alongside
teammates Marcelo, Casemiro, Fabio Coentrao and Pepe.
However, during the video, Ronaldo appeared to make a strange crack at the expense of his Barcelona rival Neymar.
When asked about the rings he is wearing, the 31-year-old explains; “They are Neymar’s.”
Quite what he meant by that is unclear, though sections of the
Spanish press seem to believe that it is an in joke amongst the Real
But there is a caveat to that theory, as both Casemiro and Marcelo
are Neymar’s international colleagues, and aren’t likely to be keen to
share the joke.

And most awkwardly, after he drops the joke, there is an awkward silence that descends on the table.
Ouch, tough crowd!
You can see it on his face that he knows that joke completely bombed.
There are also rumours that Ronaldo is annoyed at Neymar for saying that he preferred the original Ronaldo to CR7.
But he was always going to say that, given that Neymar is now following in the retired striker’s footsteps.

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